Work-Life Balance Tips that You Need to Know

Do you agree? Managing all the things that you have to do as an adult is very challenging. From doing your job, taking care of yourself, to keeping up with family and friends – you might probably be feeling that you’ve got a lot on your plate. 

While it feels fulfilling to be able to achieve more with less time, it might make you feel overwhelmed and tired at some point. To help you pursue your goals while managing stress and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, we have listed some tips that you can start implementing today. 

Manage your time

  1. If you have a lot on your plate and you want to make sure that you fulfill all of them, you need to dedicate time and learn how to prioritize. Check which of these items you should or could achieve first then work on the rest. Consider setting a timeline for each of your tasks and keep track of your progress. If your job requires deep-thinking work, then, dedicate one day to be meeting-free to be able to work on it. 
  2. You have to remember that you cannot fit all your tasks in 24 hours. Make an extra effort to wake up earlier than your usual time to finish as much work as possible. Waking up early gives you the quiet time to complete your projects even before everyone in the house wakes up. 
  3. You deserve balance in your life. So, aside from work, make time for your hobbies, passions, and relationships outside of work. You play your favorite sport on weekends, hang out with friends after work, or read a book before going to bed. If you can allot the whole day for your job, why not allocate 30 minutes to an hour of your time to do the things you love most.
  4. Instead of multi-tasking, try looking at ways to overlap things. Combine work and hobbies. In that way, you get to enjoy both without losing focus on one thing.
  5. Manage your time by deciding when to get the work done and working ahead when possible to have more time for later for your other tasks. It is also important to always keep a to-do list to keep track of your deliverables.

Make time for yourself

  1. You have to remember that you do not have to say “Yes” all the time. Just because your Wednesdays are free does not mean you have to say “Yes” to your co-worker who wants to chill out after a long day’s work. Remind yourself that you can always turn invitations down without the need to explain your reason. Make time for yourself and enjoy your free time, even if it means doing nothing but resting and recharging. 
  2. Instead of using your “free” time to do your errands, do something that you love. Take a yoga class or hit the gym to reduce your stress level. You can also play with your pet or watch your favorite series. No one will judge you!
  3. Block out “me” time in the evening! Whether it’s early evening or just before you go to bed, allot some time for yourself. It can be as simple as cooking for yourself or reading a chapter or two of your favorite book. You deserve an hour or two dedicated to yourself. 

Enjoying your social life

  1. Have you tried planning at least one fun and enjoyable activity during the week? You don’t have to wait for the weekend to have some fun with your pals! 
  2. Join and schedule regular social activities like a monthly book club or dinner with friends. This will help you unwind, unload, and make unforgettable moments together. 
  3. If you prefer one-on-one chat and are not really into group get-togethers, try calling a friend and setting up a time for having dinner or even just video chatting. You can also invite them over to your place so you feel more comfortable. You have to remember that you don’t need to make an elaborate activity for enjoying each other’s company.

Managing work

  1. In our work environment, you will rarely find a boss who will tell you to stop working after 6 PM. Remember, use your time wisely by working smart. Make the most of your time in the office and leave the rest for tomorrow. You cannot finish all the tasks in one day, so stop stressing yourself out.
  2. Commit to yourself to complete your tasks at a certain time and make that known in your office. As you discuss your plans and tasks throughout the day, tell your officemates the schedule that you set. Sooner or later, they will be used to keeping up with your schedule and avoiding unnecessary tasks beyond work hours.
  3. Make a reason to leave work – on time. Why don’t you join fitness classes that you can attend after work? Meet new people, engage yourself in a new environment, and step outside of your comfort zone. 

Do you agree with the tips we have provided? What are your best tips for work-life balance? Share them in the comment section below!

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